Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Use That, Not This

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute have released a new food label for the front of store-brand food packages. It looks like this:

After collaborating with a group of smart people at HealthCampDC 2010, we proposed the "Real Food" label that is much, much better and looks like that :

Keep in mind, folks, the food industry is working to get ahead of potentially new and more unpleasant regulations from the FDA. If you think the GMA and FMI are being the nice guys, think again. They're being the "we need to do something we can live with before we are forced to use something we really hate" guys. 

In my humble opinion, our food labels should be consistent, help to educate consumers and give them the information they need to learn how to make good food choices. Yes, I am a dreamer. My fervent hope (and dream!) is the FDA adopt something more in line with our "Real Food" label and tells food manufacturers to Use That, Not This. 

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