Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Ten Tips for TwentyEleven

Let's make 2011 the year for the healthiest you yet! How? Follow these easy Top Ten Tips:

1. Eat more vegetables
Lots and lots, everyday. Raw and cooked. All colors!

2. Get more sleep
Turn off the television, computers and phones. Turn down the lights. Treat your body and mind to regular rest.

3. Drink more water
A hydrated body is a happy body. Water loves you.

4. Cook
Eating at home is cheaper and healthier. Gather family and friends and cook!

5. Exercise everyday
Every, everyday get your body moving. Be sure to get all kinds of exercise (cardio, strength, flexibility and core) each week. 

6. Do something you love
Discover your calling and pursue it. Relentlessly. 

7. Plant a garden
Small or large, no matter. Grow something to eat. 

8. Everyday, give to someone you love
Give without reason. Give of yourself. Small or large, no matter. 

9. Learn
Once each month, at least, learn something new. A new skill, a new perspective, a new place. 

10.  Love
Share hugs. Give kisses. And say "I love you" every day of the year. 

Do so for you. Do so for the people you love. And remember "... the pursuit of happiness" is for all. 

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