Friday, January 14, 2011

Introducing.... Dana!

Dana is a busy Mom of three boys aged 9, 5 and 6 weeks. This week, she made a comment on Facebook about looking forward to banishing her "postpartum body." Not one to miss an opportunity, I suggested she might want to start Move.Eat.Be. and use Cybercise. We traded a few more messages and came up with a grand plan... Dana is going to follow Move.Eat.Be. and blog about it!

This is great for Cybercise because it will help us learn how we can make the program even better for Moms like Dana. We are ever grateful. This is also great for Dana because our program is available for her, 24/7, whenever she has time. When will she have time? We'll have to follow along and find out. Imagine, a way to get healthy and fit while doing all the other things a busy Mom of 3 has to do!

This is also good for you. First of all, if you don't know Dana she is very funny so I promise you a few laughs. Second of all, you can follow her journey and learn from her as she goes along.

Dana will be beginning Move.Eat.Be. on Sunday and planning her week.  If you'd like to join her we'd be happy to have you along. It is not too late for you to enroll and invest the next six months in finding your own best path to wellness, too.

Learn more about Dana and follow her story here.

And, lastly, in the interest of full disclosure. Dana is my cousin and a terrific friend which makes this more fun for me and motivates me, even more, to make sure Move.Eat.Be. is awesome. I'm looking forward to her honest feedback and ideas to help me make Cybercise work for her and be even better for you. 

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