Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Women's Life Expectancy

Research shows with "one-point increase in their Body Mass Index, women had a 12% lower chance of surviving to age 70 in good health when compared to thin."

We all know we have to maintain a healthy weight. We all know we have to eat well. We all know we have to get enough sleep. And, we all know we feel better when we do.

If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the sake of someone you love. Your spouse, a friend, your child, a pet or a passion.

Getting started is the hardest part. Keep it up is the next hardest part. Doing if for someone you love? It is easy. When you join our web portal, you'll have access to many exercise videos that are only 5 or 10 minutes. Starting with something, even 5 minutes a day is better than nothing at all.

Do it for someone you love.
Do it so you'll be around to love them for a long, long time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kids and Exercise

A recent report on The Daily Mirror says that British kids aren't getting the hour of exercise recommended each day for good health. What aboout American kids? The CDC also recommends an hour of exercise for US kids as well.

With the changes in education policy many schools are providing as much physical education classes. And, we all know how much our kids like to use computers at home.

What can you do? Send your kids outside to play. Bike, run with the family dog, or play basketball with their neighborhood pals. As parents, we can set a good example. Go on a family walk after dinner each night and show them how your make your own exercise a priority.

Good habits now will pay a lifetime of dividends.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Exercise and Work Quality

A great article in today's Honolulu Star Bulletin about exercise and work. The article quotes molecular biologist John Medina who says "exercise boosts brain power." How many of us would appreciate more brain power? *roars from the crowd*

The bottom line is we all know exercise is good for us. And, we sometimes have a hard time making it work in our lives. This is precisely why we created Cybercise. Even a quick workout, stretching routine or cardio program is better than doing nothing.

Read the article for inspiration and send it to your boss. We have corporate Cybercise memberships so your whole company can get healthy together and work quality goes up and health care costs and absenteeism goes down. Win-win-win!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Health Reform

We at Cybercise are saddened at the current legislative proposals on health reform. The existing conversations only introduce marginal changes to the status quo. We were hopeful for real reform and are left to hope that all of the current proposals fail to pass Congress.

What is missing? Real, meaningful and comprehensive steps to get people healthy. Education, support, incentives and rewards need to be part of the solution.

Come on America. We can do better than this.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What to Eat

Several friends, mostly men, have asked recently how do they know what they should eat. In some ways, I am confused by this question. There are millions and millions of books, links, diets, etc. out there. How can someone not know what to eat?

Perhaps the issue is the amount of information makes it all very confusing and intimidating. I'm not a nutritionist so I'm qualified to tell anyone what to eat. I can do two things - share a typical day in my food life and recommend some books and links that I find helpful.

A Day of Food
Personally, I've found I need many fewer calories than would be "prescribed" per conventional wisdom. I've also found the more I eat, the more I want to eat. If I have a few days of light eating, I feel better and have less cravings. I like to avoid sugar, white flour and all processed food (notice I say "like" - I eat some of these each week). This is really much easier than you probably think.

Here are my food standards for a day that I eat all meals at home - as much organic as possible.
Breakfast - Bowl of fresh fruit (always blueberries and a banana; as available strawberries, blackberries, plum, orange, peach or what is in season and is ripe), ground flaxseed and a sprinkle of cinnamon. A handful of almonds.
Snack - Piece of fruit
Lunch - Poached egg, avocado, sliced tomato
Snack - Cucumbers and hummus
Dinner - Chicken or fresh fish; salad greens (with olive oil/balsamic); cooked vege (peas, corn, broocoli
Snack - Recent favorite are dark chocolate covered almonds (I go through phases and my favorite changes from time to time)

I drink iced green tea all day (some might say too much). And I drink several 20 oz nalgene bottles of water. I also love red wine and have a few glasses per week - lest you think I'm a purist. If I have a day with lots of meals out, I try to balance that with a day of eating less at home. Don't torture yourself trying to be perfect, every day. Look at a few days at a time and approach your eating comprehensively.

Here are some great resources:

Again, I'm not trained or qualified to tell anyone what to eat. I can share my own experience - I feel better when I eat less and when what I eat is natural, whole foods. I feel better when I can taste the real quality in my food. And, I think we each need to experiment and find those things feel good about eating.

Good luck and bon app├ętit!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi! I'm Jane the virtual presence here at Cybercise. Thanks for reading my blog.

My job with the company is to expand our brand and introduce more people to the benefits of Cybercise. On this blog, I'll share ideas, thoughts about exercise, nutrition, wellness and trends. We'll try not to get into the debate on health reform, though the topic is ready for some rational discussion.

Thanks for reading and congratulations on finding the new way to fit fitness into your life!

What is Cybercise?

Get ready... we're a revolution in getting and keeping you healthy and fit! Cybercise ( is a new kind of fitness company. Through our web portal and your monthly membership you'll be able to have fitness and wellness content on your desktop. Animated videos narrated by a personal trainer will guide you through each routine.

We've designed much of our content to help you fit fitness into your life. Most of us don't have the time to spend an hour or more in the gym each day. Many of the Cybercise videos are 5 to 10 minutes. Do a quick ab routine before breakfast. Work your upper body during your lunch break. Take a 5 minute meditation break in your office during the afternoon slump (a great alternative to heading to the vending machine!).

We are constantly creating new content and would love your thoughts and ideas of what you'd like to see (go to the Discussion Board - Suggestion Box).

Best of all - we're affordable. Our membership is a mere $10.00 per month. You have unlimited access to as many routines as you want. You have a calendar that will help you plan your workouts. You have a space to connect to your workout buddies, so you can encourage them to workout and they can cheer for you. If you like good spirited competition, start a Challenge with your buddies to get all of you moving your way toward better health.

Jack be nimble. Jane be quick.