Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Coca-Cola, where are you?

Way back in October 2009, I wrote about Coca Cola's announcement to create mini-cans of Coke. Each can with 90-calories of Coke was touted as a way to help people control their calorie intake. I, for one, have not yet seen a mini-can of Coke even over a year later. Granted, I don't go seeking Coke products but I am a pretty aware consumer.

Or... maybe, just maybe, Coke decided to not go forward with the mini-can concept. After all, I considered it a thinly disguised ploy to fool consumers to feel better about spending more money on a unhealhthy product (ala 100 calorie snack packs). Granted, drinking less Coke is better for everyone and if you don't have the power to just say no, less is better. Or, you could read the label and recognize the best thing is to put the can down (save for the occasional treat one or twice a year).

I'm curious if anyone out there saw and/or enjoyed a mini-can?? I'd love to hear from you. Where did you (or can you) find them?

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