Friday, January 21, 2011

Please Stop

I have two requests for this Friday, January 21, 2011:
  1. Food "experts" please STOP telling people to substitute low-fat or low-calorie ingredients to make a dish more healthful.
  2. People please STOP believing them and doing so. 
Here's the deal... altered, or processed, food is not good for you. The process natural foods have to go through to make them "more healthy" (which is disguised by the claims of low-fat, less sugar, more fiber or with vitamins) is far worse for your body than the natural, unaltered version. To make processed foods even slightly tasty, they are loaded with added sugars, salts and other chemicals. Your body does not need or desire chemical additives. When you eat real food, your body is more easily satisfied with a smaller number of calories because your body is able to utilize the natural nutrients in the real food. 

I continue to see cooking shows and segments on morning television that suggest people use non-fat yogurt instead of real, whole yogurt (like Greek) to cut calories. It makes me cringe. There is growing evidence that processed, fake food is the cause behind many of our health problems and obesity. The powers that be (processed food companies, big ag and pharma making profits on fake food and the side effects from it) have a great deal to gain by keeping you fooled. 

So, on this Friday is the middle of January, stand up and say "I won't be fooled" and then go out there and Eat(true). 

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