Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Wellness Wheel: Be.

For the last few days, we've been taking a closer look at the segments on our Wellness Wheel I introduced last week. If you're a new reader, our Wellness Wheel is designed to help you assess your overall approach to your wellness and is based on the principals we teach in our Move.Eat.Be. program.

Today, we're going to examine the last segment Be.. Be. is about discovering and then creating your very best life. Be. is about understanding what makes you truly happy. Be. is about finding why you can't wait to jump out of bed each morning and greet the day. Be. is knowing when all of the parts of your life are in balance, you are most happy and most effective. Throughout our Move.Eat.Be. program we explore these ideas and share practices so you will finally, once-and-for-all, and truly Be. happy. 

Be. has six spokes. Let's take a tour:
  • Self. Your most important job in this entire lifetime is to take good care of you. When you take good care of you, you are much, much more effective in all of the other areas of your life. Taking care of you first makes taking care of others much easier. Too often, we put our own needs last (or discard them completely) for the sake of something or someone else. We help you rediscover you and help you do something for yourself every day. 
  • Family. Now that you are taking care of you, you are ready to take care of your family. A loving, supportive family is one of the most precious things we have. At least once per week, doing something for a family member helps us feel loved and connected. Often, the simplest things are best: a phone call, a greeting card or a hug. 
  • Friends. Friendships inspire us, they energize us, they engage us, they fuel our fire. Each week, it is important to tend to our friendships. 
  • Work. We all work. Some of us work at home, some of us work for ourselves and some of us work for others. Doing work you enjoy is a huge part of happy. If you're not doing work you enjoy right now, we'll help you make a plan to get there. 
  • Purpose. When you were little, you had a dream. A dream to be an astronaut or a doctor or a pilot or President. A dream to be a chef or open a flower shop. A dream to help others. Create world peace. A dream to make the world a better place because you were here. Find your dream and work toward it, each and every day. 
  • Fun. The best part about fun is when the rest of your Be. slices are thriving, most everything is fun! Fun can be had anytime, anywhere. If you've forgotten fun, it's time to remember. Part of being happy is making sure you have some fun everyday!
We love Be. and we know that wellness is about more than getting exercise everyday and eating healthful, real food. Wellness happens when all parts of your life are going well. Let's create your best life, well lived. 

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