Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eat as Nature Created

Humans are incredibly egotistical creatures. Well, most of us anyway. We continue to think we can out-smart and out-process what nature creates. And, the more we do so the more we suffer from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancers and so on.

Who remembers the commercial from the 1970s about Chiffon margarine? The raccoon feeds margarine to Mother Nature who is surprised it isn't butter. Mother Nature responds with "It isn't nice to fool Mother Nature" and then creates harmless lightening (in today's television world the lightening would have maimed, if not killed, the raccoon... Ahhhh, the 70s how we miss you so). 

If we only knew then what we know now. The margarine was bad for us. Trans fats are evil. How many more "discoveries" do we need to compile before we finally admit the error of our processed-food ways? 

The LA Times published an article about a study that says the trans-palmitoleic acid founds in full-fat dairy products can protect against diabetes. This is my favorite line from the 
 "The findings 'suggest that efforts to promote exclusive consumption of low-fat and nonfat dairy products ... may be premature.'"
Is this to say our "experts" were wrong again? I'm aghast. The chemists must know how to make better food than the Earth! And, when oh when, will these findings simply say, "Opps. We were really wrong on that one. Sorry, folks!"

I'm curious about the processed nature of the milk products the participants of the study were consuming. Perhaps it was raw-milk which would be an even better sign for our future health. I'm not a scientist or a medical Doctor, I'm the grand-daughter of a dairy farmer raised on whole, non-processed milk. I can still picture Grandpa walking from the milking barn to the house with a bottle of fresh milk for our breakfast. You can't get much closer to nature than 15 minutes from the cow who had spent the previous day roaming the pastures eating grass at her leisure. 

In fairness, I must admit... I trust Grandpa and the cows more than I trust a chemist. 

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