Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Quicker update:

Yesterday's Observations:

  • 2 mile run outside in the beautiful fall weather was lovely. Must further train my dog to not stop and mark every other bush, tree, leaf, weed...
  • Didn't do any strength training yesterday. Must do so on weekends, even if only a small amount.
  • Made a terrific butternut squash, kale and white bean stew for dinner. Very tasty, very easy and great for fall. 
Today's Thoughts:
  • Scale this morning. 131. Seems the positive trend was short lived. Ugh. 
  • Did yoga, 6 miles on the stationary bike, a few ab exercises and Arms I (10 M). 
  • Birthday party today. To cake or not to cake...?
  • Will devote 30 minutes this evening to create Move.Eat.Be. plan for next week.
Enjoy your Sunday! 

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