Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 5 and Friday!

Sitting down to write this blog every morning helps me stay focused and determined. Plus I feel like I'm accountable to all of you for sticking with my plan to lose 10 pounds. A big thanks to those who have written and commented! Your support is so helpful. And, if you are on your own weight loss program, I'd encourage you to share your progress each day as well. You can even use my daily report format...

Yesterday's Observations:

  • I want to know how much I currently weigh and I don't have a scale at the moment (long story). I think seeing the number a bit lower would be encouraging. Alas, must wait another day. 
  • While working late last night, my computer blipped and I lost about an hour's worth of work (something I was determined to finish). My reaction: Shock -> Anger -> Frantic Attempts at Recovery -> Resignation -> Head on Desk -> Felt So Tired -> Wanted Cookies! 
    • I didn't have cookies; drank a bunch of water instead. Wasn't very satisfying. Went to bed.
    • Great lesson in how frustration can cause me to turn to sweet treats for comfort.
    • Lots of water at 10 PM causes 3 AM "bio-break"
  • Enjoyed a healthful, home-made lunch of a chickpea salad and greens with a dear friend (who also happens to be my cousin). It was nice to enjoy a good meal with her!
Today's Thoughts:
  • Friday. Wine in my near future. Am determined to finish the work I lost yesterday, accomplish much more to stay busy, and make the evening come more quickly. 
  • I'm curious about how my exercise will be impacted by the different schedule the weekend will bring. Harder? Easier? Plus a birthday party on Sunday for my 1 year old nephew. Cake and ice cream? Stay tuned...
  • I woke up early and did all of my workouts this morning (except for Bedtime Yoga). It is nice to have them done and I think I'll miss the short workout breaks I've been taking during the day this week. I can always add some, of course. 
Back to work! I'm creating some terrific new content for the website and I have a few phone calls with  cool people who are also doing some really cool things in the wellness arena. Fabulous Friday!

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