Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning Update

Week 2 has begun with a long list of things to do. Let's get on with it:

Yesterday's Observations:

  • No cake. One M&M and, I have to say, it wasn't that good. Plus, one mini-scoop of homemade coconut, chocolate, minty ice cream. Very tasty and five bites was a perfect amount. 
  • Drank too much tea at the birthday party... had a restless night of sleep.
  • Creating my Move.Eat.Be. plan for this week took much less time than last week. It was very helpful to plan around three restaurant meals I have this week for business meetings. To see those commitments on a schedule and to understand I may eat less healthfully for those meals allowed me to plan extra-healthy for my other meals. 
Today's Thoughts:
  • I didn't feel well when the alarm rang at 6 AM this morning perhaps from a bad night of sleep. I opted to stay in bed for another hour and delay my workout until later today. 
  • When I did get out of bed, still not feeling great, my conscious (who has apparently taken up residence inside my partner) suggested I should listen to my body and take it easy today. I grumbled. I have work to do, workouts to do and much to accomplish. He again reminded me to follow my own advice. I commented how it is sometimes annoying to hear your own good advice repeated to you. And, I thanked him. 
  • I'm going to skip the intense cardio today and opt for taking my dog for a walk this afternoon. I'll combine that with some yoga and stretching and make this a generally easy workout day. 
  • I'll limit myself to two cups of coffee today and plan to get to bed early for a good night of sleep. 
I hope you spent some time working on your Move.Eat.Be. plan for your own week. It is really helpful! Have a terrific Monday!

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