Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1: My Move.Eat.Be. Plan

If you missed my earlier post, you can read for my weight confession and how irony hit home this morning courtesy of my scale. As promised, I devoted some time this afternoon to planning my exercise, eating and "Be." for the week. I used our Move.Eat.Be. journal which is available to Cybercise members during the 24 weeks of our program. It occurred to me this document may be useful to some of you, even if you haven't yet joined Cybercise. So, here is a little gift for you. 

What I have learned today? My first lesson was it does take some time to plan wellness into your week. I spent about 20 minutes planning my exercise and food for the week. Then I spent more time checking recipes and making a grocery list. Then I went to the grocery store. Let's just call this an hour of my day. I'm hopeful it will take less time as the weeks progress. 

The most powerful lesson today was creating my Move.Eat.Be. calendar in relation to my work and social plans for the week. For example, I'm attending a birthday party for my nephew this weekend so I know dinner on Sunday will be a surprise. As I look at the meals for the rest of the weekend, I can plan to eat a bit more carefully on Saturday and earlier Sunday so a surprise dinner won't wreck my overall food consumption for the week. I was also able to count up the servings of fruits and veggies I plan to have and make some adjustments before I went out for groceries. 

I also decided the best approach for Move. this week was to schedule several short workout sessions throughout each day. I know I feel my best if I do yoga each morning, followed by jogging a couple of miles (I like to call this "running" but I think at my pace, jogging is more appropriate). While I've maintained this daily ritual for much of the last several weeks, clearly something is missing. I think it is important to add some other cardio, stretching and strength training to slay the 10 pounds. 

My Move. calendar includes over 500 minutes of exercise this week. When I added it all up, it sounded impossible. But, when I look at each day and how the schedule is divided into many short sessions, it seems doable. Here is a look, if you're interested (not the best quality graphic - I'll work on that going forward).I decided to stick with this plan and see how I progress throughout the week. 

Generally, I am pleased with the time I took today to put together my plan. Hopefully, it will save some time later in the week typically used up by deciding what to eat each day. 

For now, since I've spent this day working, planning and writing, I have some exercise to do and dinner to prepare. There is sautéed kale in my future. Yummy! 

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