Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Saturday and Day 6

A quick update this morning. It is the weekend!

Yesterday's Observations:

  • I still had plenty of food from my grocery shopping on Monday. I spent about $150 on organic fruits, vegetables, a few cans of beans, eggs and some nuts. Five to six days of organic food can be affordable. 
  • Drank too much coffee again. Weakness!
  • Very much enjoyed red wine and dinner last night at a local tapas restaurant. I noticed I was coughing after eating... perhaps something in the food that didn't quite agree with my system. And, it was very tasty. 
Today's Thoughts:
  • Scale this morning? 129.8. I'm astounded. Yes, I've been eating very well this week and exercising at least 60 minutes a day. I expected last night's dinner out and wine would have prevented such drastic results. And, I am pleased!
  • Morning yoga has been done and now off to the great outdoors for a run!
Enjoy your Saturday!

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