Tuesday, September 28, 2010


One of the nicest things about a weekend is the extra time you can devote to lunch. Most often, lunch on the weekends is a bit later than the normal 12 PM hour and is a more relaxed meal. Think about what you had for lunch this past weekend... did you eat at home or go out? Did you eat more or less than you typical weekday lunch? Or did you skip lunch due to a late breakfast or enjoying weekend activities?

If you have a prescribed lunch hour during the work week, it is often consumed with the task of getting lunch and too frequently is cut short due to morning meetings running late or the email devices we carry with us wherever we go.

Why not give a new lunch plan a go? For several days in a row, make and take a healthful lunch with you to work. This practice provides several benefits: less costly, easier to make more healthy choices and it saves you time. As a reward, take an actual lunch break for those few days. Go outside and get some fresh air during your lunch break. Devote at least a few minutes for a walk before you eat. Find a nice spot near some nature and sit and savor your lunch. Take a break from your electronics (you could even leave them in your office!). If you have time, take a good old fashioned book with you or spend a few minutes writing in a journal.  End your lunch with a few stretches and walk back to your office.

It may take a few days, but I think you'll find yourself both more relaxed and more energetic after this kind of lunch hour. We are more productive when we are both relaxed and energetic, so take a step away from the races of rats and enjoy!

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