Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall for Dinner

Autumn is upon us and the last of the summer tomato harvests are near complete. One of my favorite things about autumn is the excuse to make soup. There is something about a large pot of simmering soup that perfectly compliments the growing chill in the air.

This weekend is a terrific time to make your first slow-cooked, homemade soup this fall. You have a few days to peruse soup recipes and plan your meal. Both Whole Foods and Epicurious have terrific soup recipes for you to consider. Choose a recipe which will require a bit of effort (make the time; it will be the weekend!) and find one that will simmer for hours on the stove top. Your home will be filled with wonderful aromas which will make your meal that much more tasty.

Round out your souper meal with a loaf of whole grain bread and salad greens topped with sliced apples and cheese (manchego and blue types both work nicely). If you're feeling extra domestic, whip up a nice Apple and Pear crisp as dessert. And, the best part of devoting a bit of your weekend making soup is you can make extra so you have leftovers to enjoy as dinner or lunches during the week.

Who knows... you might enjoy it so much you make a regular weekend practice of a steaming bowl full of luscious, satisfying soup. Bon Appetit!

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