Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pick up the Knife

There was a widely read article in the NY Times this week about Dr. Maring who started a farmer's market at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. Dr. Maring is working to help doctor's recognize the power of food in healing. Read the article and we send our thanks to Dr. Maring for being so passionate about food.

Does it work? We happen to think so and there are a growing number of studies to support the idea of food as medicine. If you happen to belong to the set of people that believe it doesn't matter what you eat,  my condolences. Here is the bottom line: approximately $1.5 trillion dollars of our healthcare dollars are spent on potentially preventable diseases. Those diseases are predominantly heart disease and diabetes and the complications associated with them.

Both heart disease and diabetes are drastically impacted by the foods you eat. If you eat well (mostly whole, real food; many fruits and vegetables; little processed food) your chances of getting heart disease and diabetes is much lower than those who eat poorly. The solution seems clear... find a farmer's market near you, pick up the knife and start chopping.

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