Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Autumn's Calling

We are 15 days from the first day of Autumn. The light began to change a few weeks ago and the air smelled just a tad sweeter. A few leaves have already started to drop from the trees, just in time to make back-to-school time feel autumn-like (at least here in Maryland).

If you think about the seasons, each one brings us gifts. Summer's bright sun and warmth and the abundance of the harvest during late summer. If you have planted any tomato plants this year, you are now to the point where you're getting creative with all of the ripe, red fruit laying in wait for your stroll through the garden. Soon enough it will be time to let go of this year's garden and plow the plants under to nourish the soil for next year.

The trees will also begin to let go of more and more leaves.  Before we know it, we'll be looking out on a landscape of bare trees getting ready to brace for winter. The shedding of leaves is a great thing for the trees. With bare branches and no leaves to support, the energy of the tree goes into the ground where it gathers to lie in wait for the spring. And, by letting go of the leaves in the fall, the tree has plenty of room for new leaves in the spring. We can take a hint from the trees...

What could you let go of in your life? Perhaps as simple as an old story that you are not smart enough or rich enough. Perhaps you could let go of the idea that you'll never be healthy; that you simply can't exercise every day and eat better. Maybe you can let go of a friendship that doesn't serve you anymore or some stuff sitting about in piles around your house. In keeping with what happens in nature, fall is the perfect time of year to survey your life and get rid of stuff.

So while you're still enjoying the fruits of late summer and watching the landscape turn golden as the sun sets, begin to think about what you can let go of. Autumn will be here in 15 days and that is the time to prepare for next spring. We all have things in our life that we don't really need anymore. Go fetch a mental rake and begin to make piles of stuff. Make some room now so when spring is upon us there will be plenty of space in your life for new, more fantastic stuff.

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