Friday, September 17, 2010

Same old? Same old.

I am a creature of habit. I enjoy "food loyalty" you could say. I eat the same thing for breakfast most every day and when going out to a restaurant I frequent, I typically order the same thing. Ask some of the people around me... I existed on a "Garden Salad with Tuna on top, No Dressing" for several years. I have made up a story that life is so dynamic with many new things going that the same types of food provide me some consistency. Maybe. Maybe not.

How does this apply to you? Are you eating the same foods you ate 5 years ago, 10 years ago? Are you continuing to exercise the same way you did while in your 20s? Or, do you berate yourself because you think you should be doing the same exercise you did while in your 20s?

If you keep doing the same old thing, you could end up with the same old thing. Huh? The idea is that we change. The amount and types of food and exercise we need as children are much different than what we need as adults. The amount of sleep teenagers best function on is often vastly different than the amount of sleep we may need when we're in our 60s.

If you are continuing to do the same things you did five years ago, consider something new. Some routine is good and change is part of who we are and will always be. This weekend, do something different. Sleep more or sleep less or take an afternoon nap. Eat fish instead of meat; eat meat instead of fish. Eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Try something new and then see how you feel. Why not? Life is but a dream... so change your dream!

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