Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Good Label

The headline in the Wall Street Journal reads "Lab-Spawned Salmon: To Label or Not Label" and the article reports the events at the FDA's hearing yesterday. The FDA is considering if it should allow "AquAdvantage" salmon into the US food market. It held a public hearing yesterday as it is also considering if the label will be required to say the salmon has been genetically modified.

Why we even need a hearing for this is completely beyond reason. The only rational answer is a resounding YES! American consumers have a right to know what they are eating. And, by the way, we don't. If you are unaware, you are currently eating genetically modified fruits and vegetables. They were approved some time ago. And, milk manufacturers are not required to label milk that comes from cows that have been given growth hormone.

How far are we (that is we, you and me, consumers) going to let this go? There are reports of young girls going into puberty earlier and earlier and some suspect the culprit is growth hormone in milk. Manufacturers are allowed to use "natural spices" as code for MSG in foods. How did this happen?

It is time we require the labels of all foods and all consumer products to clearly and honestly say what is in the package. Better still, we should require the packages to outline the process required to get the food in the package. Perhaps if we required Truth in Labeling we would have a more educated consumer base that could make better choices with their precious dollar. Education and better choices only harms those hanging onto the status quo.

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