Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life Through a Straw

How far would we go? In our busy lives, we are forever seeking the easy answer, the fast way, the quick fix, the lottery win of millions. Somewhere along the path to find the shortest way possible to do everything in our lives, we lost something. The joy of the journey, the feeling of accomplishment. You plant some seeds in Spring and the taste of that first tomato is like nothing else. How much more of life would be that sweet if we only gave it a chance?

We are always creating new tag lines for Cybercise (really, always!). Recently, we created marketing material for our Workplace Wellness program and on the folder, used the phrase, "Wellness. On Demand." When I gave the material to a colleague he asked if he actually had to do anything other than demand wellness. He was teasing me, of course, but it made me think.

Would we, if given the chance, order one-click wellness? Click here and you are instantly healthy? No more avoiding the french fries and burgers. A pint of Ben & Jerry's every night. Sounds pretty good. Would you do it? Given our overuse of prescription medications in this country (many of which are not needed with lifestyle changes), I think most of us probably would go for it. And if we did, what would we lose in the process?

One visual sticks with me.

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Would you give up the hard for life through a straw?

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