Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Change is Hard

Congresswoman Barbara Lee spoke to a small gathering at Tai Sophia Institute today. She spoke about health reform and the work still to be done. She spoke about her work with the Congressional Black Caucus. She spoke about politics and how changing the status quo is difficult. She was gracious enough to take questions from the audience near the end of her time and was asked how she remains hopeful in the light of what are sometimes seemingly insurmountable issues (the war in Afghanistan and energy policy, in particular). Her answer was simple and brilliant. She said change is hard and each one of us has to get up each day and be hopeful. And she said with hope, we can make the changes we need for the better.

If you are working to improve your health, be encouraged and inspired by Congresswoman Lee's words. Change is hard. Stay, hopeful and each day, at each moment, know you can choose hard and choose change.

We believe in you.

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