Monday, July 12, 2010

Those Days of One

Was today one? How many times in our lives do we think to ourselves, "This is one of those days!"? You know those kind of days. The plan goes awry, traffic is bad, you have a headache, the car breaks down. It could be a day of little things or it could be a day of big things. Often, the most desired response to such days is going back to bed, placing the covers over the head and not emerging until is passes. Few of us have that luxury so we press on, muddle through and hope for relief.

Another idea is to be grateful for such days... Were it not for the dark, we wouldn't recognize the light. Yes, there are those days when the Universe seems to conspire against us. Yes, there are those days we wish over, want behind us and would like to not live again. But how often, during the really great days do we wish for them again? Do we even acknowledge the really great days while we're in them? Or, are we too busy enjoying them to give them the credit they are due?

Food for thought for your Monday. If you've had a great day, give it some thanks. If you're had one of those days, give it some thanks, too. Thanks for helping you realize how very good the good days are when they are around.

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