Friday, July 9, 2010

Mantra After Me

As we slide into the weekend, feverishly wrapping up the last items on our to-do lists, I thought I'd share an idea to help you manage the panic and stress that comes with that too busy feeling. If you're proudly wearing your busy badge, this mantra is for you.

When you begin to feel the old familiar "I will never get this done!" feeling this is what you do:

1 - Push the pause button on your mind (most often found in the middle of your forehead)
2 - Take a deep breath
3 - Repeat to yourself the following mantra: "There is always enough time. There is always enough time. There is always enough time."
4 - Take a deep breath
5 - Resume your tasks

Simple. Quick. Easy.

You can do this anywhere and people likely won't even notice. Unless... unless, of course, you are pounding on your pause button repeatedly. Then people might just think your nuts. Which comes with some upside, as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

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