Friday, July 23, 2010

Six Months From Now

Today is July 23, 2010. Six months from today it will be March 8, 2011.

Think about March 8, 2011. We'll be nearing the end of winter. If the next winter is anything like the last winter in DC, you may still have piles of snow around. You'll be thinking of spring and looking for the first flowers peeking through the earth. The days will be a bit longer giving you a bit more light in the evening.

What things are in your life are between now and March 8? The end of summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, New Year's Eve. Valentine's Day fits in there as well. Where will you be? Same house? Will you have the same job? Will you be expecting a baby by then or will yours be born in the next six months. Will you be married or divorced? Will you take a wonderful trip to somewhere new? Will you see something differently? By March 8, 2011 many people who made New Years Resolutions to get more healthy will have already given up. Sad and true. After three months, 50% of people quit.

Now think about how good you'll feel when you have reached your health and wellness goals. Will your clothes fit better? Will you need all new clothes? Will you sleep better at night? Have more energy to play with your spouse, partner, kids and pets? Will you look forward to exercising and be experimenting with all kinds of new, wholesome foods? Does your skin glow? Do people say, "You look great!"? Find the best things about the new, healthy you.

Imagine actually being that new, healthy you on March 8, 2011. You didn't have to think about making resolutions, you didn't worry about gaining 5 pounds during the holidays. You've been out sledding and making snowmen in the winter and had the energy to do so. Or, surfing at the beach with the stamina to paddle back out over and over. You go to bed at night and rest deeply and sleep soundly. Maybe you've lost some weight. Your body is more flexible and you are discovering new muscles in the mirror. You feel great, you smile more easily, any stressors you meet during the day don't seem to matter as much.

Wow! Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? So... here is the secret... the only thing standing between you now and the new, healthy you on March 8, 2011 is you. And, even more good news... You can change you! Finding your way to wellness isn't difficult anymore. We actually have a plan all ready for you to follow.  Week-by-week, for 24 weeks, you follow the plan. You learn new things, you give up some old things that don't serve you anymore and voila! the new, healthy you.

If today is the day you are going to choose lifelong health and wellness, read more about Move.Eat.Be. and enroll to get started. Today.

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