Thursday, July 22, 2010


Where is your head? No, not the question your Dad always asked you as in "What in the world were you thinking?" but more a wee inquiry if your head is currently with your body. Granted, I am assuming it is currently attached to your body otherwise you'd be having some difficulty reading this. But is your head with your body?

It could be many places at the moment. An infinite number of places, actually. It could be replaying a previous conversation, or editing a previous conversation with that nifty snippet you wish you had thought of at the time. It could be wishing you were elsewhere. Not at work. Not at home. Not in traffic. Anywhere but here. It could be writing a script for a future conversation. How you are really going to tell your boss what you really think and how your boss will then totally agree with you and give you a great promotion and raise. It could be daydreaming about all of the great things that will happen in your life once you do "something." Something is often lose weight, get married, get divorced, get a new job, retire...

We spend a great deal of our time in our disembodied head. While it can be entertaining, think about what you miss with all of this brain activity going on. A beautiful flower, a compliment from a stranger, a hug from a child, a cuddle from your dog. Too much to do, your head says, no time for any of that stuff.

If your head is elsewhere, move your body and go and find it. If you can't do that (as, let's face it, sometimes our heads are laying on the beach in Maui), gently call it back. How can you Be. well? Keep your head and your body in the same place.

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