Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today, we launched our six month wellness program called Move.Eat.Be. This self-guided program will lead our members through 24 weekly segments, covering 12 chapters over a six month period. We created the program to help people find their own path to wellness.

Historically, exercise and nutrition programs were orders telling people what to do and what to eat. As Americans continue to struggle with obesity and our healthcare costs continue to spiral upward, we'd contend the historical programs simply aren't working. We subscribe to the theory that each one of us is different and what works for one might not work best for another. Sure, we include basic tenets (exercise each day and eat more vegetables).

Move.Eat.Be. goes well beyond basic advice and helps our members work toward wellness through information, questions, self-reflection, and practices. Don't worry, this isn't like school. This is like finding yourself and how you can feel your best each day (for the very first time perhaps).

Best of all, the self-guided Move.Eat.Be. program is included in our basic Cybercise membership fee (a mere $10 per month). We have a BHAG (big hairy, audacious goal): Help a Million People Live Well. Let's face it, to reach a million people we have to be affordable and compelling and fun. And we are, if we may say so ourselves!

For more information about Move.Eat.Be. go to this page on our website. From here, you'll find everything you need and if you have more questions, you'll also find a special email address dedicated to this new program. We encourage you to join us and we'd love for you to share this with your friends, family and co-workers.

Will you be one of a million?

UPDATE: May 2012

Keep it simple is a great rule for health and for web portals, so we moved Move.Eat.Be. to its own web home so we are better able to keep things simple and focused. Cybercise will continue to deliver animated exercise videos and the new website at will be the home of both the online and e-book versions of the Move.Eat.Be. program.

As a special bonus, for those of you who subscribe to Move.Eat.Be. you can get a FREE silver membership to Cybercise by writing to us at 

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