Monday, February 14, 2011

What do you Love?

In the run up to March 1st and your New Spring Resolutions, today we're going to talk about love. Seems appropriate, it being Valentine's Day. While I'm at it, Happy Valentine's Day!

I trust you had a good weekend of sleep and dreams. Hopefully, you are well rested and remembered, or rekindled, a dream you've had for your life. We're going to get back to you life's dream later this week.  Today, let's be about love.

To help you with your New Spring Resolution, I want you to think about what you love. And, while you're thinking about love it would helpful for you to make a list of what you love. There are a few rules, of course. What you love can be:
  • A person
  • A place in nature
  • An experience (either past, present or re-occuring)
  • A pet
What you love, for the purposes of this exercise, shouldn't be a thing you buy. Sure, you can love your car or love your house, but we're talking about a bigger sense of love today.

Once you have your list of what you love, I want you to describe how you feel when you love it. For example, when I return home from a trip, I'm always greeted by my dog, Loki. He jumps, barks, shakes, wags and is generally very excited. In that moment, I feel grateful to be home and I forget any of the trials and tribulations that often come with travel.

Other ideas? Perhaps one of the things on your list is the beach. Maybe you love the beach because of the sound of the waves and the feel of sand between your toes. Maybe you love each time you wake in the morning to a kiss from your sweetheart. Maybe you love the time you created a piece of art or spoke in front of a crowd about your favorite topic. Maybe you love sitting with your kids after they return from school to share a snack and a story from the day. There is lots to love out there...

The idea to get in tune with how you feel when you sense "love." We all love the feeling of love so it will help each of us to get more love if we know what love feels like for us. Make sense? Excellent! Explore love today, enjoy Valentine's Day and we'll see you here tomorrow!

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