Monday, February 28, 2011

New Spring Resolution Eve

Welcome to Monday and the eve of your New Spring Resolutions! I trust you spent some time this weekend doing preparations to begin your NSRs tomorrow. Are you excited? Ready to move toward your goals and dreams? Excellent!

The New Spring Resolution plan you created on Friday is your map for the next nine months. Make progress and do at least one thing each and every day toward your goals. Remember, often the smallest thing done consistently is your best bet for sustainable progress.

A few other tips for your success:
  • Put the key dates into your calendar
  • Share your NSRs with your family and friends and ask them to be your cheerleader
  • Revisit your exercises if you need some extra motivation (Plus Ten is a great one).
For added help, I've included answers to some of the questions we've received in hopes that they'll help you, too.

Q: Spring doesn't start until March 20. Why are we starting on March 1?
A: Spring has begun already, no matter what our calendars say. The signs of Spring have already started so we're going to begin, too. Yes, the Spring equinox is on March 20 but the buds are beginning to bud, the sun is brighter and the air is starting to smell like Spring (go ahead... go outside and sniff!).

Q: What if I reach my goals early?
A: Congrats! I like the positive thinking! If you reach your NSR goals early: 1 - Celebrate and 2 - Make new goals.

Q: What if I miss a goal?
A: Keep working at it, even if you miss a deadline. If you feel really discouraged and want to quit, take some time first to reflect and re-assess. It may be helpful to go back to the exercises and evaluate your goals. Make new ones (even if they are small in comparison to your original goal) and keep working at it. If you need some encouragement, go to the Cybercise Facebook page and ask for help (lots of friendly helpful people over there).

Q: Why do we only work on our resolutions until November 30, 2011?
A: We are helping you create a life-long habit of making goals and moving toward them. Part of doing so well includes time to rest and reflect so during December 2011 and January 2012, you'll rest and dream (and enjoy holiday festivities). By giving yourself time to know your authentic self and what is really important to you, you'll be better ready to start creating your 2012 NSRs which we'll do in February 2012.

If you have other questions, you can post comments here, visit our Facebook page or write to us at

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