Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Spring Resolutions: The Plan for Be.

Welcome to Wednesday and the ongoing development of your New Spring Resolutions. Thus far this week we have created a goal for your exercise and food between now and November 30, 2011. If you're only now joining us, you can go here to catch up on the discussion from last week (you will need the exercises from last week to complete today's assignment).  If you created a mind map it will be useful for today's assignment.

Today we are going to create a goal for how you'll Be. between now and November 30, 2011. The Be. portion of our approach to wellness is about happiness, fulfilment, your purpose in life, the difference you want to make, your relationships and the reason you get out of bed in the morning. Having a clear sense of who you'll Be. in this world is a great way to create a life well lived. Come on! Let's create a great life!

Last week you created three lists:
  • Dreams - What are your dreams for your life.
  • Surrender - What you could stop holding onto.
  • Change - What you would change so something in your life is different 10 years from now.
Take a look at your lists. What really jumps out at you? Did you re-kindle a dream (or find a new one)? Did you recognize you might be better off allowing a change you've been guarding against? Perhaps the realization of how quickly time passes with the Plus Ten exercise will redirect some of the things you do today. Pick one thing from your list and create a goal to get there. Of course, some of the things on your list might be multi-year projects (i.e., finish college or get a new job) so choose a goal you can accomplish over the next 9 months that will get you closer (i.e., submit college applications or job training).

I encourage you to spend some time with this particular assignment. The more thoughtful, the more powerful. When you're ready, complete the following statement:
  • Be.: By November 30, 2011, I will (enter your goal)
Tomorrow, we'll start working on your plan. Have a great evening!

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