Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes, we humans spend an awful lot of time, energy and money making sure things don't change. This is true in each of us, this is true for organizations and this is true in politics. Maintaining the status quo consumes, I say, at least 50% of our total contribution to the world.

After awhile, you learn change is inevitable. Life moves, things happen and events turn out very differently than one would have ever imagined. Read the newspaper... there are dozens of instances of this going on right now.

My New Spring Resolution question for you this evening is what status quo are you holding onto right now? Are you investing part of each day working to keep something just as it is now? Do you plot, plan and strategize so your world won't look different in a few weeks, months or years?

Make a note of one thing you're holding onto. Then make a few notes about how your life would be different if the change you're working so hard to prevent actually happened. Note the really bad things and find at least one good thing. This is a great exercise just before bed... could be excellent fodder for your dreams.

Happy pondering and good night!

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