Friday, February 18, 2011

Reflection Weekend

Nine days ago we suggested you start thinking about New Spring Resolutions to begin on March 1st. In keeping with the cycles of nature, Spring is actually the best time of the year to start new projects and create something new (explanation in previous entries).

Since we began on February 10th, your assignments have been to:

Your New Spring Resolution goal for this weekend is to catch up on any of those five assignments, should you have missed one. And, when they are all complete, look at what you've noted. 

If you're being really honest with yourself, I think you'll find some clues here. Perhaps a long lost goal. You'll know love. You'll appreciate what you've learned from others. You'll recognize change often brings unexpected treasures. And, you'll understand how quickly time passes. 

Next week, we're going to start creating specific goals for specific areas of your life. Next weekend, you'll put together a plan to reach those goals. By March 1st you'll have your New Spring Resolutions and a plan to get them accomplished. Best of all, these resolutions will important, achievable and meaningful. 

Are you excited? Me too! Enjoy your weekend and invest some time in you and your New Spring Resolutions. See you Monday! 

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