Friday, February 25, 2011

New Spring Resolutions: Deadlines

Welcome to Friday! As promised, today we are going to put some deadlines to the five steps you created yesterday. The idea with steps and deadlines is to allow yourself an organized way to get closer to your goals, and give you plenty of opportunities to celebrate small accomplishments on your way to the big goal. Yes, celebrate! We encourage you to think of rewards you will enjoy as you complete each step. Don't forget, wellness includes having fun!

You may find as you attach deadlines to your steps, you have to make some changes. Please don't feel pressured to put too much pressure on yourself. If creating the deadlines makes you also reconsider your goals, feel free to do so. You are creating a plan for you so be sure it will work in your life. And, remember, even the smallest change can make all of the difference. Plus, it is perfectly wonderful if you acheive your New Spring Resolutions before November 30th and want to revisit this exercise and create new ones. Bonus points for those who do... be sure to let me know!

To create your deadlines, you may find it easiest to create another column on the chart like so:

After you have your deadlines established, please enter them into whatever manner of calendar tool you use. If you're using an electronic calendar, it may be helpful to set reminders for yourself far enough in advance so you'll be sure to continue making progress.

This weekend, invest some time in doing some prepartion so you'll be ready to begin on March 1st. Let's say for example, your Eat. goal was to eat at least 10 home-cooked meals each week. This weekend would be a great time to find some new recipes, clear your pantry of the processed, fake-food stuffs you won't need anymore, plan your meals for the upcoming week, make a grocery list and go to the store. With all of that accomplished by Monday you'll be well on your way toward your New Spring Resolution goal!

Monday we're going to have one final piece before you begin your New Spring Resolutions on Tuesday, March 1st. Between now and then, enjoy your weekend, give yourself some time to prepare and be sure you get lots of rest. Spring is springing!!

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