Saturday, February 20, 2010

What to Eat?

A Facebook search on "Nutrition" returns about 2,900 pages and 18,000 group results. An "old school" Yahoo search returns 503,000,000 results. Google? A mere 101,000,000.

Food is, perhaps, the only thing all humans have in common. We all choose the food we eat. The simple act of picking up food and putting it in our mouths renders each of us the supreme ruler of our bodies. How well do we rule? Depends. Our food choices are impacted by where we are born, when we are born, to whom we are born, how we are educated and the culture in which we live.

What we actually choose to eat, day after day, has a greater impact on our health than any other factor (and perhaps all other factors combined). The only big question that remains: What to Eat?

The answer is really rather simple. If you're a quick study and just want the very basic answer here it is:
  • More vegetables and fruits

  • More water

  • Appropriate protein

  • Less meat, dairy and sugar

Getting people to follow the answer proves to be more difficult. Add to the difficulty, different things work better for different people.

What to do? Our first advice: follow the simple answer above. For more detailed advice... stay tuned. I'm currently enrolled in the Professional Training Program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. If you read and follow along, you too can enjoy the benefits of this world-class program.

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