Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fourteen for Fitness

We recently launched a free 14-day trial membership on our website. This trial is a full-featured look into Cybercise to give you a chance to try us out and see how easy it is to fit more fitness into your life.

By all reports, over 50% of people who began a New Year's Resolution this year to get more exercise have already stopped. We all know we want more exercise in our lives and sometimes it is hard to stay motivated. So, we're happy to introduce an easy-to-follow program called "Fourteen for Fitness." The Fourteen for Fitness challenge will begin on February 15, next Monday and will run through the end of the month (conveniently 14 days!).

Start by signing up for a free 14-day trial membership on Monday. Once you are signed up, set up your profile in our Community section and be sure to send a "pal" request to Jane Cybercise. Jane will send you a challenge that contains one of our video programs on each of the 14 days of your free trial. You and all of our other "Fourteen for Fitness" members will race against each other and the clock to exercise each day for 14 days.

We know you'll love our programs and enjoy working out with a little friendly competition. Plus, this will give you a great way to get a sampling of many of the video programs we have on Cybercise and, even better, it will get you started on a daily habit of exercise.

Join us! Tell your friends!

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