Monday, February 22, 2010

Green, Yellow, Red

The U.K., well ahead of the U.S. in many public health policies, is using a very simple method for food package labeling.
  • Green - your best choice
  • Yellow - an okay choice
  • Red - not a good choice

Wouldn't it would be great if the FDA and USDA implemented a similar system for food in the US? All food should have these labels (meaning fruits and vegetables as well). We could educate most anyone to not eat things with a red dot.

And, while I'm making a wish list, I would like an actual real list of everything a food contains. There shouldn't be exceptions for percentages, there shouldn't be "made up names" for the sake of marketing, there shouldn't be any exceptions. Is this really too much to ask?

Until it isn't too much to ask, don't eat things that come in cardboard packaging. Michael Pollan's number 1 food rule: Eat food. Things in boxes are, 99% of the time, not food.

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