Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is the Buzz About?

Google is either very lucky or very brilliant or very powerful. Most of the East Coast from Virginia northward into Maine is being pummeled by a blizzard. The second one in a week for many of us. Gratefully, we still have power and have grown bored with our usual places to visit on the web.

Today, the buzz is about Buzz. Yes, I realize Google didn't create this blizzard for the release or Buzz (or at least, I don't think they did...) but their timing is pretty good. I've been buzzing with some friends today and the buzz rumor of late is it will be the downfall of Twitter.

We're a bit skeptical about that and yet we have created our Buzz profile already. If you're buzzing about, feel free to buzz along with us!

PS - If haven't found them yet, check out the TED talks now going on in California.

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