Friday, February 12, 2010


Are you thinking about joining our Fourteen for Fitness program? Starting Monday, February 15, we invite you to sign up for a free 14-day trial membership on Cybercise and join our 14-4-Fit! program.

14-4-Fit! is a great way to sample many of the Cybercise programs while enjoying a little friendly competition and encouragement from other 14-4-Fit! members.

If you're curious what is on the menu, here are the programs for the 14-day challenge:
Day 1: Total Body Stretch (10 M)
Day 2: Cardio Warm up (10 M)
Day 3: Arms I (5 M)
Day 4: Relax Breath I (5 M)
Day 5: Glute and Hamstring I (5 M)
Day 6: Chest I (5 M)
Day 7: Lunchtime Yoga (10 M)
Day 8: Chest I (5 M)
Day 9: Upper Leg I (5 M)
Day 10: Lower Body Stretch (10 M)
Day 11: Abs II (10 M)
Day 12: Lower Leg I (5 M)
Day 13: Back I (5 M)
Day 14: Bedtime Yoga (15 M)

When you join, set up your personal profile through our Community section and send a pal request to Jane Cybercise. We'll take it from there. Join us!

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