Monday, February 15, 2010

One To Two

Sometimes the most simple of ideas can go a long way on your path to health and wellness. Yes, it takes a commitment to finally lose the weight and get in shape. It can be easy done one step at at time. And yes, it is worth it.

We recently blogged about "The Moment" and the long term improvement we can realize if we make the choice for health 80% of the time. Today's idea is how the right choice in one moment sets the stage for the right choice in the next moment.

A few examples:

A good strategy for improved health is to drink enough water each day. According to these stats, only 34% of Americans drink the recommended 8-8oz glasses each day. If you make the health choice to get out of bed and exercise on Sunday morning, you are more likely to drink more water. Why? You'll be thirsty from your workout.

If you take a 10 to 15 minute walk before your lunch break, you're more likely to make better choices for your lunch menu. Why? Your body will feel good from the exercise (aka happy endorphins) and you are less likely to seek the comfort of a burger and fries.

Sure, being well and healthy requires vigilance. You have to be aware of The Moment and make the right choice. For one day, tomorrow perhaps, make the choice for health in The First Moment of the day and just pay attention to the impact it has on the remainder of your moments. One to two...

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