Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We've heard some feedback theorizing $10 a month for a Cybercise membership is too cheap. Some ideas about how if you want more people to recognize something has value you have to charge more for it so people think it is worth it.

In the "old world" this was proven in many arenas. Now? Now I'm just not sure. I have hope we are changing the value proposition of delivering products and services to the masses. Cybercise doesn't need to charge you as much as the average gym membership ($40-50 per month).

Why? We don't have the expensive overhead. We don't have to pay multiple people to keep our "gym" open from 5 AM to Midnight. We don't have to always buy the new, best, fancy equipment to keep our high maintenance members happy. We don't have to wash the towels (and fret over the ones people take home with them). We don't have to provide child care services.

At $10 a month, we actually provide more value for less money. We're open 24/7 when you're ready to workout. We let you choose what kind of exercise you want to do without standing in line or getting a spot at the machine or in the class. We let you connect with your friends while you're on Cybercise and yet we don't trap you into talking to the gym rat who always wants to bend your ear.

We deliver all of this for $10 a month because we can. Our mission is to make exercise available, easy and fun for everyone. Sure, we could charge you $50 a month and perhaps you even might think you're getting something of value. The fact is at $10 a month you're getting new value. New value in the web-based world (pretty soon, bookstores will be hard to find, too).

We've opted to stick to our mission. We're helping regular people fit more fitness into their lives at an affordable price. We're helping people realize each and every little bit of exercise can make a difference. We want you to be more healthy and well. And, we're working to make it possible.

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