Friday, April 16, 2010

108 Gifts to Give Yourself

Since you have been reading along all week, by now you've gotten both Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts all settled. A journal for each and a list of lists to record 108 meaningful memories.

Now it is time to give yourself the same gift. The weekend is upon us so venture out to a bookstore and buy yourself a lovely journal. A sturdy one or a pretty one. One with blank pages or one with lines. Make it a meaningful selection. Afterall, it will survive well after you've left this life.

The 108 entries don't need to happen all at once. Don't put any pressure on yourself. This is your project to do at your leisure. For mine, I allowed two pages for each list. I wrote the title of the list at the top of a in pen and I've made entries on some of the lists, but in pencil. I'm aware, I may decide to change some things as time goes on. I fully plan to be in this life for at least 60 more years so I don't want to make all of my 108 entries permanent just yet (and besides, I like pencils anyway). Granted some of them are permanent... the day my son was born ranks as number one of the 5 most memorable days of my life.

I'll continue to work on my lists and am pretty certain the 10 favorite songs will be the one which will change the most. Now I'm thinking about all of the places I want to go that could be contenders for the most memorable places I've visited (Notre Dame in Paris holds a spot currently).

Most importantly, creating my list of 108 memories helps me to remember how sweet life really is. It gives me something to read if I'm having a bad day. And, I get to share the idea with others and see how much they enjoy starting the project. So, until I have an actual book published for you to buy and complete, go out and buy a journal and start your 108 Memories. When my book comes out, your friends will think you're really cool for being an early adopter.

Happy weekend!

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