Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Change Food Advertising: One Parent at a Time

After Monday's post on Princess Soup, Jane Brody and the NY Times have joined the bandwagon to talk about marketing food to kids. Jane's blog contains some important data about how food companies skirt the rules when determining what they market to kids.

Bottom line - don't allow your kids to watch TV. It is the greatest power of consumers and parents. If the TV is off, the kids won't watch the commercials and won't want the sugary cereal and sodium-laden soup. If the kids aren't watching the commercials, the food companies will abandon the commercial market (who knows what they'll next come up with, but we'll deal with it when it comes). This will drive down the cost of television commercials making way to the organizations that support whole, natural food to begin to buy commercial time for things like broccoli and kale. Go kale!

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