Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Cows?

If you hang out in organic grocery stores often enough, you at privy to some unusual conversations. There was a gentleman giving away samples of milk and cheese at the MOM. He was from Trickling Springs Creamery a local, cow friendly farm which produces great milk, ice cream and cheese. As I wandered by, he was in conversation with a woman. Not just a chat, mind you, but a conversation. This lady was very interested in the milk and the farm and the cows and what they ate. She inquired about how much time they spend outside and what kind of barn they had. All normal enough conversation in an organic grocer, I suppose, and then she asked, "Are the cows happy?" To which the milkman answered with a resounding yes... what else could he say? Even so, I had a sense he was both being very honest and very proud of his work. What better place to buy your milk from?

For the record, I don't really drink milk. Haven't for years... I grew up on milk straight from my Grandfather's milking barn and now the only milk you can legally and easily get goes through hell from the time it leaves the farm until it ends up in your glass. So, I just stopped drinking it because it never tasted quite right. To give credit where credit was due and because I so enjoyed the happy cow conversation, I tasted the milk from Trickling Springs. After a nice long sip, my only thought and the first thing I said aloud was, "This actually tastes like milk."

The aforementioned milkman smiled and said, "Yes! Yes, it does actually taste like milk." Me? I purchased some to talk home.

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