Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Lists Amended

Yesterday, we blogged about Dee's blog on "10 Lists You Should Write Before You Die." I've been developing my lists for quite some time now and offer a few changes based on my experience. To review, here is the original list:

  • 10 people who helped me most in my life
  • 10 most memorable places I've visited
  • 3 best things I've ever made
  • 5 best days of my life
  • 10 best friends I've ever had
  • 5 best journeys I've ever made
  • 10 things that gave me the most pleasure
  • 5 best books/movies/TV series
  • 5 best gifts anyone ever gave me
  • 10 things I wish I had done but didn't

Dee is perhaps more reasonable than I by keeping the list of lists to 10. Since I'm not one to contain a great idea, I'm adding some lists. If you live to be 100, it would seem making a list of only 73 things leaves a great deal left unsaid. Granted, the idea is to make the list meaningful versus a yearly accounting of one's life.

At any rate, here are my suggested additions:

  • 10 favorite songs
  • 10 best gifts you've ever given
  • 5 places you most love to be in the world
  • 5 things you did and wish you hadn't
  • 5 things you'd like people to remember about you

With my additions, we're up to the 15 Lists to Write Before You Die for a total of 108 entries. A lovely number, if I do say so myself. More tomorrow...

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