Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Does Anybody Know What Day It Is?

Happy Wednesday. I had to look at the calendar. Long week already!

Yesterday's Observations:

  • White turkey chili was even more tasty re-heated as dinner last night. I think it helps to take the extra time and use the stove vs. the microwave. Plus, who needs all those extra microwaves in their food?
  • I did not do any yoga or stretching last night. I am not as disciplined about my evening routine. The question is should I try harder or accept my habits and create a different schedule? 
  • The chair is key. If you spend most of your time sitting make sure you have a good chair. 
Today's Thoughts:
  • Scale was ugly this morning: 130.2. I didn't sleep enough last night and drank a bunch of water when I woke up and before I got on the scale. I can blame those two things and it was still unpleasant.
  • Breakfast meetings which start at 7:30 AM should be outlawed. 
  • I managed the morning yoga but not the rest of the morning exercise regime. It is after 10 AM, I'm tired and feeling a bit like I've already not accomplished enough (lack of exercise or too much coffee???) for the day. 
  • I think a lunchtime exercise session is in order. Dinner meeting scheduled for this evening so working out after work is not an option. 
  • There are some days when listening to your own advice is a challenge. 
Time to get back to work! Until tomorrow...

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