Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who Cares?

A blog in the NYTimes today describes the results of a study on acupuncture in treating pain. The study divided the participants into three groups:

  • Those that received real acupuncture (traditional Chinese methodology)
  • Those that received "fake" acupuncture (needles inserted but not in the right places)
  • Those that receive traditional pain management techniques
Both the real and fake acupuncture resulted in reduced reported pain at nearly twice the level of those who received traditional pain management techniques. And, more importantly the real acupuncture patients reported a reduced the need for pain medications. 

The most interesting, though minor, mention was the attitude of the practitioner and it is impacted patient pain reduction. If the practitioner told the patient they had experience and success in reducing pain through the treatment, those patients reported less pain.

As we explore all the kinds of ways we can feel better, how much does it matter if the solution actually, really works? And what does "really, actually" work mean anyway? If you feel better, perhaps that should be the definition of "cure." If acupuncture, either real or fake, makes us feel better isn't that a better alternative to a life of taking medications? To find an acupuncturist trained in traditional Chinese methods, visit Tai Sophia and search for a practitioner in your area. 

The bottom line is there is no one way that works for everyone. Your mission is to explore different ways of living, even things you've never ever thought of doing. Who knows how good life could be if you only gave it a chance? 

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