Monday, August 16, 2010

Chemicals Only

There is a great deal of activity around controlling the foods we eat. Much of it is not good for us. There are many powerful groups lobbying to prevent the requirement to label Genetically Modified Foods as such. And, there is a concerted effort on the part of the Government to outlaw raw milk, including the recent raid of a co-op in California selling raw milk. So let me get this straight... We should not be eating something natural in the form it exists in nature and we should be unaware we are eating something that was made in a Petri dish.

One could put these things together and begin to think of a new labeling protocol. We could start a campaign and require the packaging of any "food" item that contains something modified, altered, fake, chemical, homogenized or not-from-nature to proudly display this mark ➜

If you are perusing the inner aisles of your grocery store, seeking something in a box to feed to your family and saw the "No Apple" mark you would know you are about to buy something cheap and fake. Just think of how much time it would save the average shopper! In fact, in the land of fake food made of chemicals and genetically modified atoms, I'm pretty sure everything is going to taste the same anyway so it won't much matter what people are buying.

So there you go. Let's start the "No Apple" campaign and really start a revolution!

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