Friday, March 18, 2011

Plan to Plant

Spring is in the air and in the soil! If you haven't done so already this weekend is a great time to start your yearly garden. A garden project can be a very ambitious undertaking and it can be as simple as a plant or two housed in a container. It doesn't much matter what or how much you plant, the idea is to plant. As a general rule of thumb, choose (at least) one plant for each member of your household. Everybody can get into the gardening fun and you'll have a family activity to enjoy together all Spring and Summer long.

What to plant? Your favorite vegetable, of course! My most favorite is tomato plants. Yummy... I can't wait until the first tomato harvest, still warm from the sun. And, there are many other things that are easy to grow like herbs, leafy greens (arugula grows like crazy), cucumbers, peppers and squash. This weekend, find a few containers and invest in some good quality organic soil and get planting.

The Internet is full of great information about planting a garden and your local garden store is another great resource. You can also search your local area for a community garden when you can get a little garden plot for your own use. Remember, the idea is to plant something this year. Anything, really. Doing so will be good for you, good for the Earth and you'll be encouraging others to follow your lead. Happy Gardening!

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