Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Complicated

If you read yesterday, I shared three simple things you can do to help reverse the trend of obesity to help prevent the possible collapse of our healthcare system.

It really is that easy and it really is much more complicated. There are a whole bunch of reasons it is so difficult to get healthy and stay that way:
  • Our education system doesn't teach meaningful health and wellness
  • Farm policy makes unhealthy fake "foods" artifically cheap
  • We cook too little and eat out too much
  • We spend too much time with the television or computer and not enough time moving our bodies
  • People work and commute longer leaving less leisure time to cook and exercise
  • We don't listen to our own bodies enough; we listen to commercial advertising too often
  • People think eating whole, real food is too expensive, too time consuming, or too difficult
  • There are big, big dollars being spent by the companies that profit the most from our ill-health (food manufacturers, big Ag and drug companies... in my darker moments, I wondered if big Ag and fake food makers are in cahoots with big pharma. We're made fat by the former and treated by the latter...)
So, yes, it is complicated. And, yes, it does require personal effort to lose weight and get healthy. And, yes, there is a big, profitable machine working very hard to keep things just the way they are.

The biggest yes of all? What you do, and each choice you make, matters. You can refuse to be a victim.

I want you to choose you and choose wellness.

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