Monday, March 7, 2011

Health Matters

Two facts:
  • Health insurance premiums continue to rise (even with passage of health reform)
  • Obesity costs the US $147 billion per year (in direct medical costs alone)
These two facts are related. The amount we pay in health insurance premiums is impacted by many things, including the inefficiency of the system and the cost of administration. It is also significantly impacted by the costs associated with obesity. As the costs of obesity rise so will our health insurance premiums. Carole Carson wrote today, "One out of two Americans will require treatment for diabetes or prediabetes-at an annual cost of $3.35 trillion-less than 10 years from now..."

I contend solving rampant obesity is critical for the United States. Our economy simply cannot withstand the pressure of this largely preventable spend. Our effort and ability to maintain our own health could be considered our patriotic duty.

More as the week goes on. For now, consider this... are you doing everything in your power to maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy? 

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