Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What To Eat?

On a daily basis, we receive thousands of messages about what we should eat. Television and radio commercials, billboards, what our family, friends and co-workers are eating, news on the web and the latest research in the daily paper. Wisely, many of us have learned to be skeptical about some of these messages but it does leave us with the question of what to eat.

The best advice is the most simple:
  1. Eat only whole, natural foods
  2. Eat less than you think you need
  3. Drink more water
  4. Eat more fruit and many more vegetables
  5. Eat organic as much as possible
To be really clear, to eat only whole, natural foods means you eliminate processed food and many things which have been marketed as healthy. Bread, even "whole wheat" bread is a processed food. White rice is a processed food. Whole, natural foods means to eat things that haven't been changed by humans. Another way to look at it... if it comes in a box, it is processed.

If you want one piece of direct, clear advice? Eat kale. Sauteed in a little olive oil, with chopped onions and garlic? Delicious!

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